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The Burrito Blanket

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The Burrito Blanket / Tortilla Blanket

Are you a fan of Mexican cuisine? Are you so in love with the Mexican street food that you wished you were a burrito yourself? Well, your wish has come true. You can purchase a blanket that looks like a burrito, feels like a burrito and can wrap around you like a burrito.

A blanket burrito is the softest blanket you can wrap around yourself. Made with the top-quality microfiber fabric like Sherpa and Plush Fleece, Burrito Blanket NYC brings to you the softest blanket in the market. Order from the website today and avail amazing prices as a part of our spring sale. Buy one for yourself and gift one to your significant other so you can enjoy the trend with your loved one.

Baby Burrito Blanket

Burrito blankets have been taking over the internet; you might have seen pictures on Instagram of people rolled up like a burrito and enjoying Netflix. It looks like there is an option of an original burrito blanket for babies too. Soft and comfortable tortilla baby blanket will not only make your baby look like a cute little burrito but also provide a coziness of lying in a cloud.

Living burrito blanket

If you enjoy eating burritos you might as well love to be a living burrito. These blankets are multipurpose and can not only be used as coverlets but also as rugs. Now, who would not love to lie on a burrito, wrapped in a burrito? At Burrito Blanket NYC, you can get various sizes of these blankets at reasonable prices. These blankets a specifically designed in a circular shape by the designers to ensure maximum comfort and ease in the turning-into-a-burrito maneuver.

If you are wondering how to order your very own flour tortilla blanket, just visit the website where you will find variable textures and sizes in these tortilla blankets. Pick the ones that suit you the most and checkout. If you order now you can get them at an even lesser price as our great spring sale is on and prices have dropped almost up to 50% so what are you waiting for? We take around 3 days to ship your order after which you can receive your own tortilla blanket within 10-14 business days.

Burrito Blanket for Adults

At Burrito Blanket NYC you can buy tortilla blanket in many sizes. Either it is an 8-year old, an infant or a grown-up, we have a wide range of sizes so there is not only a baby living burrito but a dad burrito and a mom burrito as well. How cute! Tortilla blanket for adults has size range in itself too which means it does not matter if you are a skinny or a chubby fella, a burrito is something everyone can be whenever they want.

The new giant tortilla blanket comes in sizes 40/47/60 and 70 which makes it perfect for everyone regardless of the height or physique. With these blankets, you can enjoy winter evenings rolling yourself in them and watching TV or maybe walk around the house wearing one because let’s be honest once you get in the comfortable ‘burrito zone’, there is no going back. Good for you these blankets are lightweight so you can have a nice burrito walk without any hassle.

A lot of people have problems sleeping due to stress and workload. The giant burrito blanket will help you tackle the problem with its smooth silk-like texture you can forget about all the problems of the world and wrap yourself like a burrito to enjoy a nice and comfortable sleep.

Salient Features of Our Burrito Blanket

From the feedback of our previous customers, it can be said that this is the best Burrito Blanket considering both maximum comfort and elegant design.

It's available in Toasted and Baked color. Moreover, the top-notch quality fabric: Fleece and Sherpa ensures strong construction quality. You have a wide variety of diameter blankets to choose from according to your size to look exactly like a Burrito.

You can’t feel the real thrill until you get the product in your hand. Without thinking further just order this trending viral burrito blanket.

Part and Parcel of Your Love and Compassion

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What's Inside

After receiving the parcel, open up the simple knot, unwrap the blanket and embrace the warmness.

Get Relaxed Instantly

Throw the blanket in the ground or squeeze the blanket to your body, feel the warmness and get relaxed instantly.

This blanket will let you become a real burrito.

Feel the Warm in a Cozy way...


Just wrap yourself up with this giant burrito blanket and surprise your neighbors and kids with a unique look.

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