original burrito blanket
The Burrito Blanket
The Burrito Blanket
baked burrito blanket display
The Burrito Blanket
toasted burrito blanket
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The Burrito Blanket
The Burrito Blanket
The Burrito Blanket

Burrito Blanket NYC

The Burrito Blanket

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Presenting You The RE-INNOVATED Burrito Blanket

What’s So Exciting?

You may have seen a lot of blankets but we can say you that this is the product that will blow your mind.

We are representing to you our latest re-innovated Burrito Blanket. The nice and superb texture of the blanket will take good care of your sensitive skin.

 Great News!

Round Shaped Burrito Ensuring Your Total Comfort

To exactly look like a burrito, designers have implemented a round shape on it. This blanket is printed with an advanced printing technique that makes the print of the blanket look like a real burrito. What makes it the best burrito throw blanket in the market.

 What Makes This Burrito Blanket So Special?

Re-Developed Construction Materials:

  • Plush Fleece Fabric for Warm
  • Sherpa Fabric for Extra Warm

fleece vs sherpa burrito blanket

This blanket is designed with 100% soft microfiber fleece and Sherpa fabric for fluffy feeling. This feature is imposed on it to make it comfortable for kids. The soft and relaxed features will let you sleep in sound.

 Yes, Size Does Matter!

Available in: 40/47/60/70 inch Diameter

It doesn’t matter if you are a healthy person or a big guy with muscles or a skinny person like a stick, this burrito blanket will wrap you up with a cozy feel. With our new giant tortilla blanket, you can become a taco, quesadilla, enchilada, tostada, and so on.

 Feeling Great, Looking Great!

Styles Available: Toasted/ Baked

toasted vs baked burrito blanket

The construction materials are so enriched and chosen so carefully that the product will come out with a premium finishing and an exotic look.

 It’s Movie Time…


You can now enjoy a movie on your weekend by sitting in a couch wrapping by a blanket with a bucket of popcorn. You can decorate yourself with this burrito blanket and feel the enjoyment of being a giant burrito.

 Get Rid of Your Sleep Problem Today!

But How?

The furry skin of the burrito blanket is provided to ensure the smooth contact of the blanket and the skin of your body. The ultra-advanced slick design will let you sleep in a warm and silky environment. If you have a sleeping problem then you can depend on our burrito blanket.


Thinking About The Next Move?

Guaranteed Satisfaction, Guaranteed Comfort

Just wrap yourself up with this giant burrito blanket and surprise your neighbors and kids with a unique look. To get the original burrito blanket just click on the “BUY IT NOW” and order the best burrito blanket. This blanket will spice up your boring or monotonous life with a side-kick.